ELiT 2014

Schloß Hainfeld




....  6. European Literaturedays 23 to 26 October 2014


For the sixth year running the European Literature Days are guests in Wachau. Once again this autumn European writers and critics discuss current literary hot topics.

Invited authors at this year’s event include: Lukas Bärfuss (CH), Marica Bodrozic (DE/ HR), Patrick Deville (F), Petra Hůlová (CZ), Vea Kaiser (A), Isabel Kreitz (DE), Judith Kuckart (DE), Andrej Kurkow (UA), Edo Popovic (HR), Jordi Punti (ES), Julya Rabinowich (A), Brittani Sonnenberg (USA/ DE, Olga Tokarczuk (PL).


.... Impressions from the European Literaturedays 2013

In three most productive days the European Literature Days 2013 came up with a remarkable European cocktail of insights, discussions, thoughts, ideas and new perspectives. The bright autumn landscape of the Wachau was a perfect setting. My sincere thanks go to all participants for their enthusiasm and involvement. It was a pleasure to have all of you with us!

Walter Grond, Director of the European Literature Days 

Lecture Steve Sem-Sandberg (Documentary Fiction)

Christian Gasser (Graphiv Novel)

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